Solidarity balls for hospitals

Bounce x The Feebles x FHP

rugby ball rebound the feebles
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Solidarity balloons for the benefit of the Hospitals Foundation

The basketball, by The Feebles!

The duo of creators, always in search of new techniques and media of expression, chose to put their art to the test of the ball. Result: A playful and modern design that meets the world of soccer, rugby and basketball.


This basketball is hand painted and machine assembled in a factory committed to fair trade. Launched during the Covid-19 crisis, part of the profits are donated to the Hospitals Foundation, which works to improve the daily lives of nursing staff, hospitalized patients and their families .


Technical specifications:

  • - Size 7 - Match quality
  • - Laminated rubber
  • - Natural inks EN-71 phthalate free
  • - Natural latex bladder
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