The first balloon made from plant-based materials

Rebond x Appelle Moi Papa

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Design agency Appelle Moi Papa joins the Rebond x Le ballon de demain campaign with this pixelated ball!


This is the first recyclable soccer ball made from recycled plant-based materials. It is hand-painted and hand-sewn in India, in a factory committed to fair trade and Fairtrade certification. (see "Punjab, the birthplace of the sports ball"). This ball is the result of 3 years of research and development, to bring you a socio-eco-designed product, ready to change codes.


Appelle Moi Papa takes part in a collective movement alongside 20 professional clubs, 12 artists and several associations.


Technical specifications:

  • - Size 5 - 440g - Match quality
  • - Bio-sourced envelope
  • - Recycled polyester and foam
  • - Natural inks EN-71 phthalate free
  • - Natural latex bladder
Fairtrade Balloon produced in a Fairtrade certified factory. This label distinguishes ethical products, whose production respects social, ecological and economic criteria.
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