A balloon for children with cancer

Rebond x Denis Meyers x Run For Hope


Let's bounce back together against the disease

By participating in this project, you will be donating money to the Run For Hope association, which works with sick children and their families.

HOPE, LOVE, COURAGE, LIVE. Strong words, which take on their full meaning when spoken by children in hospital, suffering from cancer. It is clear that words suddenly have a power: they comfort, encourage, touch, sensitise, motivate, hurt, enthuse, determine... Words in extreme times resonate differently; they bring us back to the present moment, wake us up and shake us up. As if they were suddenly more thoughtful, they reach their target and penetrate us. We then understand their true, profound meaning, as well as their scope. Carrying is what it's all about: this ball, with its words, carries, lifts us out of everyday life, offers a sporting interlude, of joy, of hope, of projects.
Smile at the present, continue on your way and prepare for the future. This ball, these words, these children, you, us... have a power.
By buying this ball, 10€ will be donated to the RUN FOR HOPE association.






A football full of hope

The children themselves gave the words that came to mind when they talked about their illness. The artist Denis Meyers then drew them in his characteristic style.

The Run For Hope association asked a dozen hospitalised children what words gave them strength and courage to get through the illness and treatment.

Denis Meyers has added his words of encouragement and hope to the list and has interwoven them with his powerful and intuitive typography on all sides of the ball.

The result is a solidarity balloon with a message of hope and emotion that everyone can relate to.


A good goal ball on the outside, but also on the inside: the Run For Hope x Denis Meyers x Rebond ball is a good, technical, match quality ball. It meets international competition standards and is produced in India in a FAIRTRADE factory. It contains no phthalates and the inks used meet the European standards for games and toys.

Run For Hope association helps sick children and their families

Supporting sick children and their families, improving their daily lives and allowing them to escape through sport.

Run For Hope is a team of volunteers whose members have been confronted, in one way or another, with childhood cancer.

Together, they share the desire to help young patients, parents and siblings get through this terrible ordeal in the best possible conditions.

Learning that your child has cancer is a terrible shock and a huge challenge for a family. The treatment of childhood cancer is long, invasive and challenging. The cure obviously comes first. But besides medication, exercise, nutrition, sleep, psychosocial support... contribute to a better recovery.

80% of young patients recover, but many are left with after-effects from the disease or treatment.

Through this balloon the association raises funds so that every child with cancer receives the best possible care and heals with an optimal long-term quality of life.

These funds are used to finance :
- Projects that improve the daily life, well-being and quality of life of young patients, during and after treatment
- Projects that support parents and siblings throughout treatment and beyond if a cure is not forthcoming
- Projects that focus on the development of the sick child: playful and educational activities, creative workshops and moments of relaxation and escape, both inside and outside the hospital
- The purchase of 'comfort' medical devices that improve treatment, minimise certain side effects and relieve pain but are not covered by social security
- Research and innovation in the field of paediatric cancer




Denis Meyers: the artist with a big heart who drew the ball

Words against evils.

Denis Meyers is a Belgian artist. Graffiti artist, painter, engraver... Denis is known for his numerous works around typography and words, as well as for his "persos", stickers in the shape of faces.

Denis generously and voluntarily drew this balloon, taking the words spoken by the children and adding his words of hope and encouragement to the list.

Denis' powerful and intuitive typography, interwoven with brush strokes on the different panels of the balloon, gives birth to a solidarity balloon with a message full of hope and emotion, which everyone can make their own.



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