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Opt for the Hipli reusable package

Eco-responsible delivery with Hipli

Rebond is committed to more responsible delivery

Hipli: the reusable package

This year, Rebond has teamed up with Hipli to offer you a more responsible delivery.

Hipli is about reusable packages that fight against waste and promote the circular economy.

Repair, reuse, recycle.

This is Hipli's promise. By selecting Hipli delivery when placing your order, you choose an optimized packaging, made of light, flexible (space saving) and recyclable materials.

After your order is delivered, your Hipli package is cleaned, repaired and put back into circulation, for a life cycle that is expected to last up to 100 uses.

How is Hipli more responsible?

The Hipli impact, in detail.

1.7 billion packages are sent in France every year. Used for only 3 days on average, they generate 300,000 tons of waste.

If reused, cardboard and plastic bags can make two or three trips. Most of the time, they only make one trip.

According to Citeo (organization in charge of organizing the sorting and recycling of materials), only 4% of plastic packaging is recycled in France. And as far as cardboard is concerned, it is 32% of the packaging that goes to the trap at the time of recycling.

The Hipli package has less impact than a cardboard box from the second use. It is also -83% less carbon impact than a cardboard box. 100 orders with Hipli also means 25kg of waste avoided.

At Hipli, it's also about the return of the packages. They fold in 4 and are very light to facilitate their return in "mail" mode.

The return of the parcel generates only 20g of CO2, that is to say 11 times less than the production of a new box. The impact is equivalent to sending an email (a postal journey between Tours and Le Havre emits 20g of CO2).

Choose delivery with Hipli

How does it work?

It's easy to have your order delivered with Hipli, and it doesn't cost you more!

At Rebond, we offer delivery with Hipli for orders not exceeding one ball, and several accessories (we are working on the integration of large size packages soon!).

We have chosen to offer delivery in reusable packages for 1 euro less than the classic delivery, to encourage our customers to reduce their delivery impact.

How does it work? 

1. When choosing a delivery, select the Hipli option.

2. Receive your order in your reusable pouch

3. Fold your package according to the instructions on the pouch

4. Drop your Hipli envelope in any post office box (the return envelope of your Hipli parcel is prepaid, you just have to post it!)


Are you ready to switch to reusable packages with Hipli?

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