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Discover the first recyclable and socio-eco-designed soccer ball

Rebound x the ball of tomorrow

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Help us to launch the production of these balloons of a new kind


Support the launch of the first recyclable balloon, made of recycled and vegetable materials with the participative campaign "Rebond x ...Vous?" on Ulule. Go here !

A project supported by...

20 French professional clubs

Dressed by the artist Docteur Paper, these balloons trace the history of 20 French professional clubs.

Mythical stadiums, fan songs, unforgettable scores... Their designs interweave city landmarks and iconic club representations. Clubs are the "lungs of the city", and play an important role in it. They will play a key role in the greener, more responsible city of tomorrow.

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A project supported by...

12 artists

"Art will save the world

Several artists from different universes have joined the movement we are carrying. By creating unique visuals for balloons, a part of the sales (12%) of which will be donated to an association of their choice, these artists become true spokespersons of a collective response to the current ecological and social challenge.

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A project supported by...

Associations fighting for different causes

A project supported by...

Internationally renowned organizations

By developing with Max Havelaar the Fairtrade label on sports balls, Rebond has become the first French brand of fair trade labeled balls. This is an important step to reassure our customers and to continue to make our French and Punjabi workshops work together, as the production of sports balls is part of the cultural heritage of the region.

As we want to make the ball a real vehicle for raising environmental awareness, it's only natural that we should join the international 1% For The Planet movement. Through this organization, we donate a minimum of 1% of our sales to an environmental association.

Trip to Punjab


In order to know the path that we want to give to a product, we need to know where it comes from. Knowing its history, its manufacturing secrets, getting to know the men and women who have shaped it and still shape it today. We take you on a journey of discovery of the sport ball in this video. An in-depth immersion around several subjects (production, social context, FIFA tests...)


Our French workshop


As of 2019, we have implemented a French sports ball workshop. We tell you all about it here!



A project supported by...

... You?

Take part in a large-scale collective action, which will change the world of ball, of sport... and maybe more?


Thefirst soccer ball made with natural and recycled materials. And that's not all: the way we designed this ball makes it recyclable. Something that did not exist until now. At the end of its life, the current multi-material ball is destined to be thrown away.



This is where we need you!


As independents, we have to make sure that we have a minimum number of balloons ordered in order to be able to launch a real first industrial production, and to continue our implementation of a recycling process for used balloons in France.


Continuous project improvement

Rebound, it's almost the Champions League

A project is built step by step, and we have just passed an important one, but we are also aware of the progress that remains to be made. Accompanied by an external organization which carried out an environmental and social life cycle analysis of our product, we have identified the main areas for improvement:


To reach more than 80% of bio-sourced on our external surface, against 51% today. Indeed, bio-sourced products have their limits and a product cannot be 100% bio-sourced.



To standardize 100% of the materials used in order to promote the recycling of our products. The recycled polyester interlining is the layer that prevents us from having a 100% mono-material product at this time.



Labeling the social environment of producers, via our partner Fairtrade for example. Improve the impact of transport linked to the recycling of these materials, which is not yet internalized. Be vigilant about emission thresholds when these materials are processed by vulcanization.



To accompany our suppliers towards a labeling (ex: GOTS) or to consider other less risky textile fibers such as linen or hemp. Although not very present on our balloons (sewing threads), cotton requires a significant amount of water during its cultivation, which is often intensive and uses mechanization.



Proposing a simple and efficient system for the recovery of used balloons would allow us to pay close attention to transportation throughout the life cycle of our products, as well as to the control of the end of life of the product.


Finally, we have to listen in general, and to you in particular. We have enlisted the help of an external company to analyze the life cycle of our products (EVEA), and we try to work every day with common sense, to offer you a product that makes sense. For us, the exchange of skills, knowledge and sensitivities are the keys to a well-designed product. Because we're convinced that the answer to our society's current challenges will be a collective one.



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