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Rebound Recycling Program

The product cycle Rebound

At Rebond, it is now possible to recycle balloons.

We work with more ecological materials, more sustainable ways of production and a stronger human commitment. But one question remains unanswered...

What to do with the balloons once their use cycle is over?

Recycling depends on one essential parameter: the sorting of materials. Recycling a balloon implies that it is made of a single material, and that we have the ability to separate the materials that make it up.

Until now, the different layers of PVC/PU, foam and polyester that make up the envelope of a classic balloon made it a multi-material object with inseparable materials, making it ineligible for recycling.

Composed of 80% of a new complex of bio-sourced material, and 20% of recycled polyester, the Rebound balloon is close to the mono-material object. This new development is a great advance in recycling, since it allows the separation of materials so that they can be recovered and reused in our production cycle.

Does your balloon say "recyclable balloon"?

Recycle your balloons and get a promotional code.

In our circular economy approach, we have set up our own balloon recycling circuit. We offer you to recover your old Rebond balloons in order to give them a second life.

The deal is simple: for each ball sent, we offer you 10% on your next Rebound order.

How do you know if your balloon is recyclable?

Only Rebond branded balls made from bio-sourced materials are eligible for recycling.


To find out if your balloon is recyclable, refer to the sign on which the inflation valve is located. If it says "recyclable balloon", it means that your balloon is eligible!


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If your balloon is eligible for the Rebond recycling program, you will soon receive a shipping voucher to send us your balloon(s) along with your discount code.

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