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A new report by Rebond

An initiatory journey to the heart of the balloon

The secrets of making a soccer ball

Punjab, this region of the world that makes us play ball.

Straddling India and Pakistan, Punjab is the region of the world that saw the birth of the soccer ball.

To know the path you want to take with a product, you need to know where it comes from. Knowing its history, its manufacturing secrets, getting to know the women and men who have shaped it and are still shaping it today.

From the small factory to the development of a global economy, Rebond takes you on a journey of discovery of the most popular product of its generation, at the heart of today's economic and ecological issues: the soccer ball.

Watch our video documentary on the discovery of the sport ball. An in-depth immersion around several subjects (production, social context, FIFA tests...).


A report that echoes our desire to bring transparency to a hyper-globalized industry, which raises many questions...


How are soccer balls made? Who produces them? What materials are used?

We try to answer all these questions to offer you a product that is more respectful of people and the environment, aware of the challenges it faces.

With an open heart, we offer you a dissection of the football.

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