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High fashion ball Made in France

Paris Saint-Germain x Rebond


A historic collaboration

A ball made in France with the club's historical jerseys.

This ball is part of the PSG Limited range of products. It was produced in collaboration between Rebond and Paris Saint-Germain, on the occasion of the club's fiftieth anniversary.

Each ball of this production is unique. Each piece was made entirely by hand, in France, in a clothing workshop in Loire-Atlantique (French department).

This production is a limited edition produced in fifty unique copies.


A return to the roots of French ‘haute couture’

1986: the year of the World Cup in Argentina.

This is the last year that footballs have been made in France. Through this, Paris Saint-Germain x Rebond ball is a great challenge to link an identically French know-how through textiles and sewing, with historically Punjabi know-how through the sports ball.

The material cut, the work of the fabrics, the assembly of the ball, the stitching, the embroidery… everything was made in a small factory near Nantes, usually used to working with leather to shape shoes and bags. When the world of high fashion teams up with that of the round ball, it results in a 100% French ball with an evocative heritage.

Jerseys upcycled into balls

To make this ball, a hundred jerseys were needed.

Defective or worn, a second life has been given to these pieces representative of the history of Paris Saint-Germain, witnesses of the club's rich history.

Through the thirty-two panels that make up the ball, you will find the colors and logos of various eras, symbols of the heritage left by the players of PSG who have worn or still wear these iconic jerseys. The composition of the panels is random, making the fifty balls all different and unique.

Composed of various stitches of all ages, having already lived, you can find certain roughness on the jerseys, which are part of the life of this artisanal and upcycled product.

An artisanal work

2h30 : that's the average time it takes to produce this extraordinary ball.

The photographs making up this leaflet represent the different stages of manual production.

The covering of the jerseys, the cutting of the panels, the composition of the pattern, the sewing, the placement of the bladder, the closing phase of the secret product, the inflation ... So many phases synonymous with creativity, excellence, and local know-how in sewing, creation and tailoring, which have long made France famous.

A return to the roots of French craftsmanship and luxury, with a touch of modernity and openness to the world.


Unique numbered pieces

The Paris Saint-Germain x Rebond balls are made with jerseys from different eras.

All the balloons have different styles and colors. Since the composition of the patterns are random, one balloon will not look like any other.

All the pieces making up this collection are unique and numbered. A black leather panel is integrated into the middle of the ball. The latter symbolizes the collaboration and displays the production number you own in Roman numerals. All embroidered in golden thread.

All this mesh is made entirely by hand, specifically piece by piece.

Rebond, a committed production

To make ball differently.

This is the whole ambition of Rebond, which wishes to develop sports balls made from recycled, and then bio-sourced materials.

« Local production » was another ambition of the French brand, in order to have a workshop with know-how complementary to Pundjabi skills, the cradle of sports ball production. This Paris Saint-Germain x Rebond ball is the very first production of balls from this French workshop.

By acquiring this ball, you are helping a project that works every day to make the sports ball market a new product, an emblematic spokesperson for a world that changes and bounces towards a harmonious future.

Paris Saint-Germain make France shine

Placing the city of Paris at the heart of its organization

Guided by the philosophy of a single club for a single city, Paris Saint-Germain has transformed to assert itself as one of the world's leading sports brands and one of the best football clubs on the planet.

Through this collaboration, Paris Saint-Germain proves once again that they operate, magic and talent on all terrains. The brand further asserts its avant-garde role.


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