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Solidarity balloons for Secours Populaire

Rebond x Secours Populaire x Collectif La Douceur


A balloon to support the world's children

By buying this balloon, you are supporting the actions of Secours Populaire, which works for a fairer, more caring world.

"With the La Douceur collective, we took part in a drawing workshop. And not just any drawings: drawings with meaning, strong symbols, which will end up on a soccer ball." And not just any football: a socio-eco-designed football!

These are the words of the "Copain du Monde" children, a Secours Populaire initiative that enables children from all backgrounds and origins to go on vacation and take part in solidarity actions.

The drawing workshop used to create these footballs is just one of the many activities offered by "Copain du Monde" villages. Children can also go to the beach, go fishing, play soccer or take part in garbage collection workshops.

When you buy this balloon, €10 is donated to Secours Populaire, which will help other children go on vacation.


The "Copain du monde" children of Secours Populaire

Dreamt up by children, magnified by the La Douceur collective

During a "Copain du Monde" workshop, the children, including Mayssae, Maria, Issa, Precious and Giulianna, created drawings according to their inspirations, accompanied by artists from the Collectif La Douceur.

The collective la Douceur was created in 2017 by artists Silas and Lemilo. Specialized in the realization of artistic projects related to contemporary painting, the collective usually acts on projects of space planning and design.

The artists took all the children's drawings and used the various elements to combine them into a design that tells a story, the story of these Copains du Monde, which Rebond then adapted to the manufacture of this balloon.

A socio-eco-designed balloon

An eco-responsible collaboration based on solidarity

This collab' is naturally intended to support Secours Populaire, a powerful gesture in the run-up to the Christmas and New Year festivities. By purchasing this balloon, 10€ will be donated to Secours Populaire. A solidarity purchase... but not the only one.

This soccer ball manufactured by Rebond is the first bio-sourced and socio-eco-designed ball. Hand-painted and hand-sewn in Punjab, the ball is Fairtrade certified.

This Christmas, make a total commitment: help those in need, support children, while preserving the planet's resources.

Photo credits: Pauline Théon
Video credits: Phoniclips.tv


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