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The ball is a universal language. We like to play with it and pass it on to a friend or a stranger. As the main player on a playground, we have chosen the sports ball as our emblematic spokesperson. A world that's changing and bouncing towards a harmonious future, respectful of people and their environment.


At Rebond, we want to make sports balls differently: thanks to our innovations, we've chosen to make them an ethical and eco-responsible product.


Soccer, rugby, basketball, handball, volleyball. Our ultimate ambition is to produce balls made from bio-sourced materials, with an intermediate stage using recycled materials. All of this is based on an artistic approach: each ball is designed by an artist to make the most impactful design possible.


That's how we brought out the first eco-designed balloon in 2022. Join our team!

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Healthy balls for users, producers, and our Planet

Healthy balls for users, producers, and our Planet

By working with Max Havelaar to develop a Fair Trade label for sports balls, Rebond has become the first French brand to be awarded the Fair Trade label. This is an important step in reassuring our customers and continuing to work with our Punjabi factories, whose heritage includes the production of sports balls.


As we want to make balloons a real vehicle for environmental and social awareness, it's only natural that we include associations in our movement. For each artistic balloon sold on our site, we donate a percentage of the sales to the association we support, mentioned in the product description.

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