that are well scored on the outside 
but also on the inside

Rebound x The vintage ball
Discover our range of traditional leather balloons
Bounce x Transparency
Find out how Rebond balloons are made
Recycling program
Recycle your Rebond balls and get 10% off your next order
Recycled bio-sourced ethical 
Recycled bio-sourced ethical 
One Percent For The Planet
Fairtrade Max Havelaar France

Healthy balls for users, producers, and our Planet

By developing with Max Havelaar the Fair Trade label on sports balls, Rebond has become the first French brand of balls with a Fair Trade label. This is an important step to reassure our customers and to continue working with our Punjabi factories, whose heritage includes the production of sports balls.
Wishing to make the ball a real vector of environmental awareness, it is naturally that we have joined the international movement 1% for the Planet. Through this organisation, we donate a minimum of 1% of our turnover to an association working for the environment.
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