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Yellow and Green history on an ethical ball

FC Nantes x Rebond

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An ethically produced ball tracking the history of the "canaris"

An ethical ball: 1st step towards our global ambition.

Launching a "Green" project with the Jaunes et Vert makes sense. The FC Nantes club was seduced by this committed initiative. This first FC Nantes x Rebond ball marks the beginning of our big game, and is a first step towards our ambition of a 100% eco-responsible ball.

Designed by a Nantes artist on the history of the club, this ball is produced in a factory committed to respecting fair trade. The materials used during production do not contain any phthalates and the paints used on the ball meet European standards for games and toys. It comes in an organic cotton bag, with a base made from recycled and recyclable fibres, certified 100% PEFC.  

As for the outer surface? The ball was drawn entirely by hand, by an artist from Nantes, on the theme of the club's history. 


Towards balls in biosourced materials

By participating in this project, you help to finance our R&D.

First, we would like to develop balls made from recycled and/or up-cycled materials. Upcycling is the act of recovering materials or products that are no longer utisilable in order to transform them into materials or products of higher quality or utility. This step will be a second step towards our ultimate goal of making a ball in natural materials.

This ambition implies an important R&D phase because we have to use materials never before used to design a sports ball, while maintaining optimal technical quality.

We want our balls to be good technical balls and meet international competition standards. This campaign aims to finance our R&D phase. 

The production of current sports balls: Did you know ?

The ball, the worst student in terms of eco-responsibility?

Have you heard about imitation leather when you hear about the football ? Behind this term is "simply" hidden plastic: all balls are now made of PVC or PU.

At the time when we are all moving towards a healthier world, and consumption committed to products that respect people and the environment, the ball acts as a bad student through the materials used and in its production methods.

Behind our ambition lies a real societal challenge: that of influencing a positive impact by producing around healthy materials, and respecting people as users and producers. 

Develop a production range in France

A ball made in France, a great challenge.

Nowadays Pakistan and India share 85% of the world’s manual production of sports balls. This is cultural know-how that the two countries have acquired through their history. During British colonial times, the military used to play football with balls made from pieces of fabric. One day, a Punjabi had the idea to sew all of these pieces together so that they fit together and make it easier to have fun. This is how the first ball achievements would have been born in this country. 

But did you know that France also had a know-how in sports balls? In the 1980s, the Adidas Tango football was produced in France. As far as we know, it was the last game ball produced in Europe. 


The artist

Jô, the member of the duo Dupin & Duclos.

 » Dupin & Duclos two guys (Jordabe Dupin and Corentin Duclos) met in 2011 on the benches of LISAA Nantes (University in Nantes). Starting from an exquisite corpse, the duo reveals themselves during a workshop on the theme of Sustainable Cities by illustrating the city without sustainable development.

Starting from the principle that our cities are the reflections of our societies and that the latter follow a capitalist model, Dupin & Duclos evolve around the theme of over-urbanization and benevolently question the development of our urban spaces.

With four hands, Dupin & Duclos always draw at the same time, on each work. Their intricate style stands out in a representation of the city which deliberately aims to plunge each spectator back into childhood by making their imagination work. »


dupin & duclos .


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